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John Holden

Executive Producer & Host

John Holden….Six Time Emmy Award Winner, Journalist, Anchor, Host, Producer, Director and Writer

John Holden brings over twenty-five years of broadcast news, journalism and production experience to StarMedia Productions. As a former feature reporter for NBC in Miami, FL, where he started with Katie Couric….and an on-camera reporter and producer for affiliates of NBC, CBS and ABC … Mr. Holden was the recipient of six EMMY Awards for anchoring, writing, producing and directing of news features and specials. Mr. Holden is the recipient of a Videographer Award for Corporate Image for Ford Motor Company, as well as a Nat’l TELLY Award recipient for a travel production in Montana’s Glacier National Park. He is recipient of two Golden Palm Awards from the International Television Association for scriptwriting and producing “Tahiti by Gauguin”, a segment he produced in Bora Bora sponsored by Radisson Seven Seas Cruises. Mr. Holden is also a recipient of an ADDY award and a national TELLY Award for video & film productions.

As a former senior producer for the nightly entertainment show PM Magazine, Mr. Holden produced weekly features on unusual people and exotic destinations for syndication nationwide….from blow-gun hunting in the Amazon jungle to swimming with underwater wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. John Holden has worked with and interviewed most of the Fortune 50 CEO’s, A-list celebrities and world leaders in politics.

John Holden Executive Producer & Host at StarMedia